Rozhanovce, Slovakia

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General information about Rozhanovce

Rozhanovce is a village in Košice-okolie District of eastern Slovakia. It is situated about 20 kilometres (12 mi) far from the city of Košice. 1773 Rozgony, Roscho[no]wetz, Rozhonow, 1786 Rozgony, Roszonowecz, 1808 Rozgony, Rozgoňowce, Rozhanowce, 1863–1913 Rozgony, 1920– Rozhanovce. A smaller part of Rozhanovce is located on flat land and a larger part in a hilly area rising from the west to the east. The center of the village lies at an altitude of 215 metres (705 ft). The area of the municipality is 22.2 square kilometres (8.6 sq mi). The best view of this village is from the west. In...... Read more about Rozhanovce in Wikipedia

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